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Our bots work for as little as 60¢ an hour and can perform complicated tasks typically done by skilled workers. They work 24 hours a day, scale up and down automatically based on demand, and can incorporate human intelligence via integration with an on demand scalable workforce.

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Browser Bot is a platform for building bots in the cloud, developed by RPA Technologies, a software consulting firm. Our developers use natural language processing, machine learning, and optical character recognition, along side actual people completing human intelligent tasks with an on demand scalable workforce to power our bots. Our bots react to new information in near real time, collecting data and executing automated workflows accordingly.

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Example Use Case

Business Workflow Automation

Freight brokers spend all day taking in information from their clients about what loads are available at what pay. They then search for someone who will move that freight for less and get that driver under contract. There are numerous documents that need to be generated and procedures followed in the course of transacting business.

Using Browser Bot a freight broker could create a bot that automatically scans at a set interval for new available loads in their email and on their client's websites, searching for freight that matches their criteria. When the bot finds a matching piece of freight, it creates an entry in the company's internal CRM, and places ads on numerous load boards advertising to drivers at a lower price that allows for the broker to make a commission.

The broker could then have a second bot that searches each of the load boards for drivers responding to one of the ads. The bot would then attempt to close the transaction. If the driver responds in a way that isn't understood by the chat functionality of the bot, the conversation is then forwarded to an agent on an on demand workforce.

Once the driver agrees, the bot updates the internal CRM and forwards the final details to the Freight Broker. Not only do bots save the freight broker money by reducing their overhead, they also make them more competitive as they are now acting on freight that becomes available in near real time automatically.

Innovative Solutions

We incorporate a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques when automating your business's online workflows.

Project Management

Our project managers work directly with your technical team, and can help you get your project delivered on time and at cost.

Dedicated Support

We consider support to be as important as our technology or our design process. If you need help, we're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Working with the founder of RPA Technologies we were able to automate a significant portion of our grading system and add scalability to our back end. We look forward to incorporating Browser Bot into the suite of tools we use for managing Insurance and Document Compliance.


Anthony Mendez
Chief Technology Officer at
Global Risk Management Solutions

Pricing Tiers



Per Month
  • Machine Credits: 3K
  • Machine Limit: 1
  • Data Allowance: 25 GB
  • 24x7 Email Support



Per Month
  • Machine Credits: 8K
  • Machine Limit: 3
  • Data Allowance: 100 GB
  • 24x7 Email Support



Per Month
  • Machine Credits: 20K
  • Machine Limit: 5
  • Data Allowance: 250 GB
  • 24x7 Email Support
*Developer hours are awarded as a one time sign up bonus. Developers are billed at $60/hr after the bonus hours are exhausted.
Developer hours expire after 90 days. This offer is not available to existing customers.
If you run out of credits or go over your data limit and you are subscribed to a plan, the plan will automatically renew.
The end of your monthly billing cycle will always be 30 days after the date of your last renewal. You may unsubscribe from your plan at any time without penalty.





The scheduler allows you to launch a bot in the cloud at a specified time or interval.

Queue Manager

Each bot requested by a queue management policy is automatically assigned to an available item from the queue associated with that policy. When the requested bot becomes active, the queue manager will then attach a JavaScript file to the first open tab in order to begin processing the assigned item. Furthermore, the queue managment policy maintains a certain number of bots for each available item in the associated queue.

Developer Tools

Script Wizard

The script wizard generates all the code necessary for loading data from a queue as well as managing persistent session data. It also breaks your code into steps, and allows you to import and export scripts as a JSON file.

Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension allows you to quickly import unique selectors for elements in a web page into a script, and test those scripts on your own browser without using any credits or data.



Q.What are machine credits?

A. Bots run on machines. One machine credit is equal to one minute of usage on one machine, and each plan comes with a specified amount of data.

Q.Can I run browser bot on my own private cloud?

A. Yes you can! Just email us at to inquire about a commercial license.

Q.How do I increase my machine limit?

A. If you need a limit increase just let us know what you're up to using the contact form under settings and we'll increase the limit.

Q. Where do I apply to become a bot maker?

A. If you want to make bots for us apply here. Someone from our team will contact you within 5 business days.